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Time management

You can activate the time management option in the settings menu.

Check if this tool is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

How to activate the time management option

If you activate the time management option, work reports option is activated as well.

Click Settings > scroll down to the Services section > enable the Time management and work reports option.

Later you can disable this option for specific employees or departments in the Time and Reports section > Worktime.

How to clock in/clock out

To start your working day, click the Clock in button. After starting your working day, the timer will show the Working Day Duration.

If you forget to clock in, you can always click the Change clock-in time button. Then select the clock-in time and specify a reason for changing the clock-in time. Your supervisor will need to approve it.

If you need to pause the timer counting the working day duration, click the Break button. Another timer will appear showing the break duration. When your break is finished, click the Continue button. The timer will continue counting the working day duration.

When you finish your working day, click the Clock out button. Sometimes, employees forget to clock out due to different reasons. Just click the Change clock-out time button and specify a reason for changing the clock-out time. Your supervisor will need to approve it.

If you forget to close the previous working day, you won't be able to start a new working day without closing the previous one.

If the previous working day is not closed, it is displayed as expired in the Worktime section.

When you close the working day, the information about clock-in/clock-out time and working day duration is added to the Worktime section automatically.

Daily Plan

You can add a new task straight in the Time management panel or select an existing task from the list. If you have a task with the time tracking option enabled and have started the time tracker, there will be displayed the information about time spent on the work on this task. Also, you can pause the time tracker or complete the task there.

You can also add events to your calendar in the Daily Plan section. If you enable the out of office option, the event will be added to the calendar with a mark saying that you're not in the office. This information will be seen by your colleagues and they won't schedule any meetings with your participation for this time.

Daily Summary

You can add information to the Daily Summary section and it'll be automatically added to the Work Reports section.

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