Jotform Integration app

Jotform integration app allows you to connect JotForm web forms to Bitrix24 and generate leads or contacts in your CRM.

Install the app from Bitrix24 Market following the standard installation procedure.

Connect JotForm to Bitrix24

To connect JotForm web forms to Bitrix24, you'll need to generate an API key for your Jotform account.
Go to your Account settings > API section and create a new key with Full Access permissions. A new key is granted Read permissions by default, however you may change its permissions level anytime by selecting the required option from the dropdown list.

Jotform. API section.jpeg
API key permissions.jpeg

Once you have the key, copy and paste it on the Jotform settings page and hit save in your Bitrix24 to apply changes and to load forms linked to your account.

Jotform integration. Set preferences.jpeg

Set form integration preferences

When connected, you will see all of the available web forms on the setting page in Bitrix24.
Switch on the forms you'll need to generate new leads / contacts and set field mapping preferences:

Form preferences.jpeg
There are several available field types to select from:
  • System fields, such as Name, Phone and E-mail.
  • Lead name - set a default lead name in Bitrix24.
  • Source - select CRM lead source.
  • Responsible person - a list of Bitrix24 users to be set as responsible for the incoming leads (random choice).
  • Products - a field to be used for product fields of your Jotform submissions. If specified, a form will create a set of products based on customer's submission and will add it to the Products tab & section of your lead.
  • Custom fields in Lead: [custom field's name] - allows to select an existing lead custom field that will be used in data transfer to Bitrix24.
  • Create custom field (string) in Lead / Create custom field (string) in Contact - lets you automatically create custom fields that will be used for transferring form submissions' data.
If you select None, that field's value will not be passed to Bitrix24 from Jotform. Custom fields will be created in Bitrix24 after saving the settings.

Save the settings to start receiving leads in Bitrix24 CRM instantaneously!

Processing form submissions

Process leads in Bitrix24 CRM taking advantage of the entire CRM toolset, automation, and communication tools. When a client submits a JotForm, it automatically generates a lead or a contact in the CRM per preferences:

Jotform. Form I.jpeg

Jotform. Form II.jpeg

Jotform lead I.jpeg

Jotform lead II.jpeg

Simple as that!

Integration with HIPAA-compliant forms from Jotform is not supported in the current version of the app.

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