JotForm Integration app

JotForm Integration app helps you build powerful CRM web forms. Once the form is completed, a new lead is automatically created in Bitrix24 CRM.

Install the app

Go to the Applications section > find the JotForm Integration app > click Install.

Read and agree with the Bitrix24 Marketplace Terms of Service and with the Privacy Policy > click Install:

Click Finish.

Register JotForm account

Go to the JotForm website and sign up using one of the available methods.

Create a new JotForm web form

Click My Forms > Create a form.

You have three options to choose from: Start From Scratch, Use Template, Import Form. Let's create a new form from scratch.

First, enter the form header and subheader. Then click the Add Form Element to add a new block to the form.

Let's add several elements: Full Name, Email, Address, Phone. We expect that all our clients are from the United States. So let's add the +1 code to the default phone number format. Click the cogwheel button next to the Phone Number block.

Go to the Options section > enable the Input Mask option > add +1 to the default phone number format.

Change the form design

Now, let's change the form design. Click the paint roller button.

Let's choose one of the premade themes. Click Themes > select a theme.

Publish the JotForm web form

When you are done with configuring the form, click Publish.

If you need to embed the web form to your website, click Embed and copy the code.

Get JotForm API key

To connect the created JotForm web form to Bitrix24, you need to get the JotForm API key.

Go back to the main page. Click your profile button at the top right corner > Settings.

Go to the API section > click Create New Key > select Full Access > copy the generated key.

Go back to your Bitrix24. Click the JotForm Integration and paste the API key. Click Save.

Map fields

The created JotForm web form is ready for field mapping. First, switch on the integration for this form by clicking On. After enabling the integration, map the fields of the JotForm web form with the fields of the lead form. If the is no such field in the lead form, a custom field is created automatically. You need to select Userfield for such fields.

Also, you need to select a lead source and a manager that will be responsible for a lead.

Click Save.

How it works

A client completes the JotForm web form and clicks Submit.

A new lead is created in Bitrix24 CRM. All the information is displayed in the lead form.

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