Statuses and dropdowns

In the CRM section, there is a Statuses and Dropdowns page, where you can configure the stages and statuses of entities, as well as the values of some system fields.

Go to CRM > Settings > CRM Settings > Statuses and Dropdowns.

Open tabs on the left to customize your stages, sources, and system fields.


In CRM, leads, deals, estimates, invoices, and documents for signing have stages. You can add or delete stages and change the default names.

In deals, stages can be set up separately for each pipeline.

You can change the color and the name of a stage. Hover the cursor over the desired stage and click on the action icon.

Initial, successful, and first unsuccessful stages cannot be deleted, but the others can. Click on the cross on the stage.


Sources are the values of the Source system field in leads, deals, contacts, and companies. Sources indicate where the customer learned about your company. For example, if the contact is created after a call, the source will be Call.

Sources can be divided into two types: system and custom sources. All sources can be renamed by clicking on the pencil, and custom values can also be deleted by clicking on the cross. The system fields cannot be deleted.

The source is displayed in the entity form.

System fields

You can also configure other system fields: Contact type, Company type, Employees, Industry, Deal type, Salutations, Event type, and Call statuses.

All of these fields are configurable in the same way as the sources. You can change the names of all the values in the list, and if the value is custom, you can also delete it.

Filling this information in CRM entities will help you segment the customer base. Read more in the article - Segment the customer base.
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