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CRM web forms

CRM forms have become a must-have attribute of websites. Customers can use the form to make an appointment with a specialist, book a hotel room or place an order in an online store.

Where you can find them

Open the CRM > CRM forms section.

Here you can view the list of created CRM web forms. By default, there are two preset web forms that cannot be deleted.

Each web form has a brief information about it: conversion rate, activation and creation date, number of CRM elements created.

You can place this web form on your website by using the embed code or use a public link to send to a client.

There are several options for how your web form will be displayed on the website: the web form will be displayed on the page, the web form will be displayed in a pop-up window only if a client clicks the button/link, or the web form will be displayed in a pop-up window with a time delay.

Scenarios for working with CRM forms

There are several basic scenarios for using the forms:

Getting contact information from the client. You request the necessary information, such as name, phone number, email and some comment.

Call Order. The customer only indicates the phone number for you to call back.

Ordering goods or services. Customers can choose one or more products they are interested in, pay for the order or leave contact information for you to call back.

Book a service. This scenario is suitable for companies that work in the medicine or beauty industry. The form allows customers to choose a service, time, and a specialist.

A variety of surveys. You send a link to the form to customers who can rate the service or answer questions.

You can choose the appropriate scenario during the form creation.

You can combine these scenarios if necessary, but try not to overload forms with too many fields.

What to start with?

Create a CRM form. It takes a couple of minutes.

Read more in the article Add a new CRM form using the new designer.

Set up the basic parameters and design. Select the work scenario and the fields to be filled out by the client.

Read more in the article New design of the CRM forms.

Place the form on the site. For example, as a block on the page or in a popup window.

Read more in the articles How to place a CRM form on the Bitrix24 site and How to place a CRM form on a site created not in Bitrix24.
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