Default field values in CRM forms

In CRM forms, you can use default field values. These are values that are automatically written to the selected fields when filling out the form. The client does not see them in the form.

For example, you use the same form on different sites. You can use the default values to see the site address where the customer filled out the form.

How do I know which page of the site the client filled out the form on?

In the Online store, each product has a separate detailed page. Customers fill out the form on the page and ask questions about a specific product. In this scenario, using default values allows managers to know which product the client wants to get information about.

It is better to create another form rather than writing the domain name or page address.

How to use the default values

Go to the CRM form settings and select the Custom preferences scenario.

Open the Default Values tab. Select the fields in which you will write the values. Go to the settings, click on the menu and select the appropriate value.

As an example, create one field for each value. Then specify a value for each field.

You will receive the specified information when the customer fills out the form.

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