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CRM: Make a custom field visible to selected users only

We've added a new option to custom fields in the CRM: Make this field visible to selected users only. Enable this option to make the custom field visible to specified users only.

This option can be used for custom fields only.

How it works

Open a CRM element > select a custom field > click the cogwheel button next to its name:

Click Edit settings > enable the Make this field visible to selected users only:

Select users that will be able to view this field and its value > click Save.

Features of the Make this field visible to selected users only option:

  • This option determines the ability to view the custom field and to view its value. To edit the field, a user needs to have appropriate access rights to edit the element.
  • If you also enable the Required starting with stage option for the field, this option will only work for the employees who can view the field.
  • Administrators can view all fields regardless of these fields' settings.
This option is available to Professional plan subscribers only. Read more here - Cloud pricing.
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