Import solution preset

If you are looking for a preset CRM that will be ideal for your type of business, Bitrix24 Partner can send you a Bitrix24 account registration link with preset CRM settings.

How to import solution preset

After clicking the link provided by Bitrix24 Partner and creating your Bitrix24 account, select your primary tool. Or you can decide later.

Read more in the article - How to work with Bitrix24 main menu.

Next, you'll be suggested to import the solution preset. You can do it immediately or later.

If you've declined the import solution preset offer, you can always import the solution preset later. Go to the Applications section.

Then, go to the Installed tab.

Select an app (solution preset) and click Configure.

Click Continue.

There will be a warning sign saying that all your CRM data will be deleted. If you have created your account and immediately proceeded to the solution preset import, you have nothing to worry about.

If you've decided to import the solution preset later and have already added leads and deals, you need to export them first > import solution preset > import leads and deals back.

The solution preset import will take some time. If everything is okay, you'll see the message saying that settings are successfully imported.

Let's check what has changed in our CRM after the solution preset had been imported. Go to the CRM section. For example, there are new deal stages and the new deal pipeline.

Let's try to add a new deal. You can see that the new deal form has been modified and contains new fields.

We strongly recommend reading the solution preset description carefully as different Bitrix24 plans get different sets of tools, fields, settings, etc.
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