Remove a widget from a website

You can remove a website widget at any moment if you don't want it or don't need it.

Remove the website widget from the site created in Bitrix24

Click Sites > select a website > click Actions > Configure site.

Click the small arrow next to the Website widget section > select None. Don't forget to save the changes.

Next, you need to unpublish the website and publish it again to apply the changes. Click Actions > Unpublish.

Then click Actions > Publish.

The website widget is removed from your website.

Remove the website widget from the site created in another CMS

If you use another CMS, you need to ask your administrator or developer of the website to remove the piece of code to remove the website widget. You can view this piece of code in the CRM > Website Widget. Next, select the needed widget > click the Embed code button to find out which piece of the code is needed to be removed. You can find it before the  </body> tag on your webpage.

Disable the website widget

This option is suitable for both cases: when the website is created in Bitrix24 or another CMS. Disabling the website widget will remove it on all websites where it has been connected. Enabling it back will connect it again to all websites.

Go to the CRM section > Website Widget > select a website widget you want to disable > click Disable.

You can view who has activated, deactivated, or edited the website widget.

How to delete the website widget in the CRM

This action will completely delete the website widget. We don't recommend deleting widgets, as they contain information about clients who have given consent to process their personal data.

Go to the CRM section > Website Widget > select a widget you want to delete > click the Delete widget button. You can delete only those widgets that have been created by users.

Learn more about creating and configuring widgets in the article - Website widget: chat, web form and callback.
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