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How to make a new report

You can design a new CRM report in CRM>Reports:

  • click "add report" in the right top corner:

  • select the CRM entity for the new report - currently reports can be constructed for leads, deals, products, invoices or activities:

  • in the Report Wizard set new report name, description and report conditions - with "add" column tab:

  • add report filters - they will help you to limit report results by the chosen parameters after (e.g. additional parameter was added to the standard deals report "assumed close date" = "more than or equal to"):

  • if you want to see chart in your Report you can choose between "linear", "bar" or "pie chart" view options:

  • You can read more about Reports in our Training Course.

Add custom fields to the CRM report's columns

Currently only CRM items custom fields of "string" and "list" types can be added to the CRM columns. You will see the available custom fields at the very end of the report columns fields list:

Share report with other users

Currently custom CRM reports templates are available only to their creator. The reports themselves can be exported to Excel and shared with other users (you can upload exported CRM report file to the Activity Stream message and choose recipients):

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