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CRM call recording issues


User canít play recorded calls inside CRM records details page

If Bitrix24 user canít play the recorded calls inside particular CRM record details page, you need to check the following settings configuration:

  • Bitrix24 user should have CRM access permissions configured correctly (CRM>Setting>Access Permissions): ďreadĒ access level is enough, please note that you need to set access = "personal" in case the user should access only own records, or wider access in case the user should be able to access other userís CRM records details (e.g. "personal & department"; "personal, department & subdepartments", "all open", "all").

    Read more about CRM access permissions in our Training Course.

  • Bitrix24 user should also have access to the folder in Company Drive where recorded calls are stored (Bitrix24 Drive>Company Drive>Telephony-Recorded calls):

    The ďreadĒ access level is enough to be able to play the calls records:

    You can read more about how to give access to Bitrix24 files & folders here.

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