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Favorites & Default Filters In Activity Stream


If the message is important to you, add it to Favorites (either from More > Add to favorites or with the help of special Add to favorites icon):

All messages marked as Favorites can be found in Activity Stream Filters > Favorites.

Activity Stream Default Filter Views

  • Work – all work events – reports, tasks, comments on tasks, etc.;
  • Favorites – events which the user marks as Favorites;
  • My Activity – events which were initiated by the user;
  • Announcements – all announcements to which the user has access;
  • Workflows - reflects workflows notifications (only for workflows configured from Activity Stream);
  • Extranet - shows only Extranet groups messages or simple Activity Stream messages where external users have been added. 

Activity Stream Hide Tasks & Smart Follow Modes

  • Smart Follow Mode - moves to the top posts where you are listed as the author, recipient or in case you have been mentioned in the post text; you automatically follow any post you have commented on.
  • Hide tasks - this option hides tasks notifications from Activity Stream.

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