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The Expenses app is designed to track expenses incurred by your employees in Bitrix24. The app functionalities let you track and receive expense reports submitted by your employees efficiently.

You can launch the app from the following entities: leads, deals, contacts and companies. Your set of expenses will be bound to the very same element from which the app has been launched. 

That is, if you added insurance costs to a specific deal in progress, it will stay just where it belongs. You can install the app in a few click, just like that, no additional setup is required. Free of charge on any commercial plan.

How to start

To access the app:

  1. Open any of your leads, deals, contacts, or companies
  2. Navigate to the slider timeline activities pane. You can position the tab in the menu as you like

Expenses tab in a deal.jpg
The three tabs in the app represent its main capabilities:
  • Expenses - keep records of the incurred expenses
  • Reports - save sets of expenses
  • Reports approval - for approving and disclaiming of the reports by a department supervisor
Expenses. Main tabs.jpg


To add an expense, click unto New Expense button:
Register a new expense.jpg

Enter the details and attach a file (e.g. receipt or report) if necessary:

Add Expense option(1).jpg

Amount and Date are the only mandatory fields for adding expenses. To view a detailed page of an expense, click on it from the list view:

Detailed info on expenses.jpg

Detailed view on expenses.jpg


Reports help consolidate sets of expenses and send them for approval as one set. 

To save or submit a report, select one or a few expenses and include them into a new report:

Create a new report.jpg

Name the report, state its business purpose and set up the duration. 

Choose to save or save and submit the report to the supervisor right away.
You may also add the unreported expenses or add new ones to the report if necessary.

Submit an expense report.jpg

Reports are linked to particular CRM entities: the ones in which the app tab has been launched.

Reports Approval

Once an employee has submitted an expense report, a supervisor will receive an automated notification.
Report submitted notification.jpg

Department supervisors have an option to review and approve or disclaim the submitted reports:

Approve or disclaim a report.jpg

Access permissions

  1. Regular users see their expenses and reports only
  2. Department supervisors see their own and their subordinates’ reports and expenses
  3. Administrators see all of them
Users can only be a member of one department for the app to work correctly. The current version does not support the allocation of expenses and reports to several departments.

CSV export options

In our latest update, we are excited to introduce a new customer-centric feature: CSV export. With just one click, you can now effortlessly transfer your expenses and reports data to your local storage. 

This function is crucial for accounting purposes, ensuring efficient management of your financial records. The option is available both for expenses records and for the generated reports.

SCR CSV export in Expenses. Entries.jpg

Export expenses reports.jpg

The exported table for the dataset will look the following way:

Exported data sample.jpg
Exported report sample.jpg
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