Configure CRM form menu

Inside the CRM form, you can configure tabs. If you don't use business processes, automation rules, or Zoom, remove these items from the menu.

Tabs can be set up in the leads, deals, contacts, companies and quotes forms.

You can set up tabs in the form as well as in the timeline.

To customize tabs, click More > Configure Menu.

Any employee can set up their own form view, and the administrator can set up general and other forms' views. Read more in the articles CRM elements form and CRM element forms' views.

You can swap or hide unnecessary items. To do this, just drag them to another place or click on an item and press Hide.

In this case tabs are not deleted, but moved to the More menu. At any time you can return them to the default form view. Click Reset Menu.

The timeline items are set up in the same way.

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