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Billable Hours For Tasks app

Billable Hours For Tasks is an app that allows creating invoices and timesheets for tasks. With the integration app you'll be able to:

  • Keep track of both short-term tasks and full-scale projects.
  • Generate reports on the time spent in tasks or issue invoices for them.
  • Receive detailed report on employees from workgroups, companies, deals and tasks or issue invoices for them.

You may install the app free of charge on any commercial plan, as simple as that

Add tasks

To use the Billable Hours For Tasks app, go to workgroups, contacts, companies, deals or tasks. To track expenses bound to a specific item, go to the dedicated tab in an item's card (Billable Hours for Tasks).

In this article, we will use the app for tasks created in a workgroup. Other scenarios are very similar but if there is any doubt, feel free to check the detailed manual provided within the app. 

Should you have any idea on how to improve the app, kindly submit it via the feedback form. We'll be happy to address the issue to enhance the app's functionalities according to your needs.

Manual & feedback. Billable hours for tasks.jpeg

Let us go through some basics which might be helpful in getting acquainted with the app. Go to the Workgroups section, select a workgroup and create a new task.

Testing task.jpeg

Specify the task name, select a deadline, enable the Time tracking option and specify the Task planned time. The last two options regarding time tracking are crucial, since these are used by the app to track and calculate your task-related expenses.

Task values.jpeg

Scroll down and select the CRM element that will be a counterparty. In our case, it'll be a company from our CRM database.

CRM binding in a test task.jpeg

Let's add two more tasks in the same way for a better overview of the reports. You can also add elapsed time manually in the Time elapsed tab above task comments' section for the sake of the test.

Manually added time.jpeg

Create a timesheet to track time spent for the tasks

After adding tasks, go to the Billable Hours For Tasks tab from within the workgroup. It might be hidden under More but you can always drag it to the upper menu if that is more comfortable for you.

Application tab.jpeg

Click Create > Create new timesheet to create a new timesheet.

Create new timesheet.jpeg

You can use the Task field to select tasks that should be included in the timesheet. You can edit the name of the timesheet as well by clicking unto its default name in the left upper corner (e.g. "Timesheet #1").

Adding tasks to a timesheet.jpeg

Select the time period that this timesheet is built for. The elapsed time values will be filled out automatically if the task has been in progress for a certain amount of time or in case the elapsed time has been added to the task manually.

Time period.jpeg

You can also select the way in which elapsed time for tasks is calculated. There are two options: "by task" or "by responsible". In the first case, each task will be displayed separately (each entry is the sum of time spent for this task), but if you select "by responsible", tasks will be sorted by corresponding responsible persons.

Time elapsed by responsible.jpeg

Time elapsed by task.jpeg

You can add a note to the timesheet. To delete a task from the timesheet, click the corresponding button.

Delete tasks and leave notes.jpeg

Click Create document to save the timesheet.

Click on the name of the timesheet to download it (docx. file).

Timesheet #1.jpeg

That's how the timesheet will look like:

Timesheet docx I.jpeg

Timesheet docx II.jpeg

Create an invoice

Once tasks are completed, you can create an invoice and send it to the counterparty.

Go to the Billable Hours For Tasks tab > Create > Create new invoice.

Create new invoice.jpeg

Select your company in My company section. Details of this company will be displayed in the invoice.

Invoice values.jpeg

You can add your company details in the CRM Settings section. Learn more - My Company Details.

Select completed tasks. These tasks must be bound to the same counterpart (contractor). If they are, the counterpart will be automatically added to the Contractor section.

If tasks are bound to different CRM elements, or if you try to add a task that is not bound to any CRM element (counterparty), you'll get an error message:
Contractor error.jpeg

In this case, you need to edit tasks highlighted with red and bind them to the corresponding CRM element (counterparty).

Select the time period that this invoice is created for and specify hourly rates.

If you've enabled the Time tracking option when creating a task, the task duration will be automatically added to the invoice.
Hourly rates.jpeg

Click Create document to save the invoice.

Click on the name of the invoice to download it in DOCX format.

Download invoice.jpeg

That's what the invoice may look like:


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