Add company details

Company details are needed to draw up and approve documents, to conduct business correspondence, and for billing purposes.

Company details

Add your company details and Bitrix24 will automatically add them to the entity form or a document.

Go to the CRM page - Settings - My company details.

Click the Create button.

Enter basic information: company name, email, phone number and website address.

Click Add in the Details field.

Select the type of company details template in the Template field. It can be for a company or for a person. The template you select will determine which fields will be in the company details.

Contact or company details templates

Specify the VAT ID in the Search details field and use a details autocomplete service for your country.

If your company is not on the list, then fill in all the fields manually.

Upload signature and stamp images.

File size must not exceed 3 Mb.

Add banking details and save the information.

If you need to edit information, click Details in the field.

You can create several companies. By default, deals and documents are created for the main company. To select the main company, select the Make Default Seller option in the menu.

When you create an invoice, an estimate or a document, your company details will be filled in.

Company access permissions

Go to the CRM page - Settings - Access permissions - CRM.

Select the role for editing and click the pencil icon.

To allow an employee to view, add, edit, or delete a company, enable the User can edit settings option and select one of the access options, except Access denied.

If the User can edit settings option is unchecked, even with the All permissions, the employee will not have access to this section.

However, if you set Access denied on viewing companies, the employee will still be able to create a document and select the desired company in the document.

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