Facebook and Instagram ads in CRM marketing

We've added new features for working with ads in CRM marketing. Now you can run ads on Facebook and Instagram from your Bitrix24. You only need to connect your account, set up ads and send them for verification. After that, the service will run your ads and you will get new customers.

How to set up ads

Go to CRM-marketing > Facebook ads / Instagram ads.

The process of setting up ads in Bitrix24 for Facebook and Instagram is the same. Let's take Instagram as an example and see how it works.

First, connect your account.

Learn more about connecting an account from the article Facebook and Instagram sales features.

If Facebook asks for administrator permission when connecting, try the steps from the article Facebook: administrator permission required.

Select a post on your Instagram to create an ad.

Add a product for sale.

In Expert mode, you can provide a link to the product in your store.

Select a suitable ad type and audience or configure everything on your own. 

  • Product ad – advertising will be focused on finding new customers.

  • Automatically – you can form a Look-alike audience to show ads.
Read more about Look-alike audience in the article Lookalike Audiences in CRM Marketing.
  • Expert – you can set up to whom your ads will be shown.

Indicate the place of residence of potential customers. It will help to find customers for your business.

Select the budget for your ad.

When all the settings are done, send the ad for verification.

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