Projects updates in Bitrix24

We've made changes in the Projects section: redesigned the interface, added sorting by activity option, excluded groups from the project list. We also added new counters for work with projects.

Project activity

Previously, you saw general information about all groups and projects in which you participate. It was difficult to track the actual ones.

Now working with projects, you can sort them by activity. Moreover, projects are placed separately from groups. This way you always know which projects need attention and which ones are actively being worked on.

Updated project view

Projects are opened in a slider and they have their own working background.

The background can be set in the project editing form.

To work with tasks in a project, use sorting by activity and the following modes: List, Kanban, Deadline, Planner, Calendar and Gant.

New counters for teamwork with the project

Work in projects involves a number of tasks by different employees to achieve a single goal. For the tasks progress tracking, we added counters: My Tasks and Other tasks.

    My Tasks – the counter shows your overdue tasks, as well as the total number of new comments.
    Other tasks – the counter shows the project overdue tasks, as well as the total number of new comments in all project tasks.

With these counters, participants and project owners will be able to monitor the progress of the project. For quick response to delays in project tasks, the Others counter will be highlighted in red.

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