Reserve a product

Product reservation allows you to fix an item for a customer. Now you can see not only the number of items in stock, but also how many of them customers plan to buy in the near future.

Products reservation is available only in the without orders mode. Read more in the article Work in Store without orders.

How to reserve a product

You can reserve an item in the deal form. Go to the Products tab and add the reservation fields to the list.

In the Warehouse field, you will see a list of warehouses and the number of items in them. The number of items is also displayed in the Available field. Select the warehouse where you will reserve the product.

Reserve the desired amount of the product.

There are three important fields in the table:
  • Quantity - the amount of items you plan to sell in the current deal.
  • Available - the number of items that are in the selected warehouse, which are not reserved.
  • Reserved - the amount of items you are reserving in the current deal.

The number of items in the Reserved field cannot exceed the value of the Quantity field. But you can reserve more items than you have in the Available field.

For example, a customer wants to buy 20 items and you only have 5 available. You know that soon there will be a delivery with the required amount of items. In this case, you can reserve more items than you have in stock right now.

By default, the product is reserved for three days. If necessary, you can change the period. Click on the date and select the desired one.

After reservation, the number of available items will decrease. In the Reserved field, you will see how many items are already reserved.

The item is removed from the reservation, if:

  • The deadline has expired.
  • The deal or items selected in the deal are deleted.
  • The deal moves to the final stage and the items are sold.
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