Start working with Inventory management

If you do not have any products or just started working in Bitrix24, then connect Inventory Management. Enter products into the system and start managing products in stocks.

Go to the CRM or Sites and stores section and click on the Inventory tab > Inventory management.

On the next page, click on the Enable Inventory Management button.

Read more in the article Inventory management: migrate data from other systems.

You can also enable/disable Inventory Management option in the section settings.

First, you will need to enter your products into the system. Use the stock receipt. You can create a new product, specify price, barcode, quantity and stock. The created products will be available in the catalog. You can use them in work with deals and orders.

Start controlling product balances and accounting for receipts with the help of stock adjustment.

Record the sale of products. Recording will help you to understand how much products are in stock. Your managers will be able to work faster with orders.

You will always know where the products you need are to distribute them between stocks.

Monitor write-offs. It will help to account the loss of products and understand the exact causes.

In Bitrix24, there are many features for working with products, orders and deals. You can learn about them from our articles:

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