Inventory management: Vendors

Vendors — are entities or individuals who work with you and supply products. For companies that sell goods or have an online store, it's important to communicate with vendors and keep all information about them in one place to control current deliveries and plan new ones.

In Bitrix24, you can add new suppliers and all information about them when you fill out a stock receipt form.

Read more about how to work with this document in the article: Inventory Management: stock receipt.

We have updated the field and the vendor form in the Inventory management, and added the following features:

  • Call from the vendor form – you should connect the telephony service and give the contacts of its representatives.

  • Set tasks from the form – if you need to create a new supply contract or prepare documents, set a task for your employees from the form. In this way, you can see the entire history of work with the vendor and control the task.

  • Record events – calls, emails, and meetings. The history of communication with vendors is generated from your records and employee notes.

Vendor field changes in the stock receipt document

Previously, you could only enter the name of the vendor in the incoming documents. Now you can enter all the contact information: phone, email, etc.

If you need to enter contacts of two company representatives, the director and the chief accountant, this information including the position should be entered into the Contact field. You also need to enter the vendor details into the Company field.

This way, the vendor database will be in order and it will be easier for you to make calls or send emails.

The field works the same way as the Customer field in the CRM. Read more information in the article: Client field in lead/deal forms.

In addition, you can contact vendors directly from the form: call or send emails.

To make calls you need to configure telephony in the Contact Center. Read more information in the article: Telephony options overview.

Work with the vendor form

Let's consider how the manager can control the current supply of goods and plan new ones. Suppose an item from the vendor is delayed. The manager needs to contact him/her to find out the reason, and adiscuss delivery dates.

Go to the CRM - Customers - Vendors.

You can also open the Vendors page in the Inventory management section.

Select the desired vendor in the opened window.

In the form, you can schedule activities, set notifications, create tasks, and communicate with the vendor. For example, you can add an activity to discuss new delivery dates.

The history of calls, emails and all communication with the vendor, will be displayed in the timeline for you not to miss the information.

You can see a list of vendor contacts and the history of documents in the Dependencies tab. In this way, the manager can control all current deliveries. 

Configure employee access permissions to work with vendors

For your employees to be able to work with vendors and incoming documents, you need to configure access permissions in the Settings - Access permissions - CRM.

Read more information in the article: Access Permissions in CRM.
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