Deals overview

Deal is the main goal of any business. It is one of the basic CRM elements: the process of selling a product or service to a customer.

Deals view

First of all, you need to add new deals. Read more in the article Add a new deal.

Go to CRM > Deals. Select the view that you feel more comfortable to work with: List or Kanban.

The List view is a table. The main advantage of this view is that you can apply group actions to deals.

For example, you can change the responsible person for all deals.

Read more about the list view in the article - List view in CRM.

The Kanban view is a workflow visualization tool. Here you can see all deals and their statuses to assess the sales situation.

Read more in the article - Kanban View In Bitrix24 CRM.

Deal form

A deal has a card that contains all the information related to the sales process: goods or services, amount, client data. The deal card can be customized for any type of activity: create the necessary fields and set up access to them, combine fields into blocks and set the desired card type.

Read more in the article - CRM elements form.

Deal stages

When you work on a deal, you need to move it through certain stages.

You can also change the deal stage for several deals.

Read more in the article - Group actions in CRM.

In Kanban, you can move deals between stages easily dragging the card.


When you have lots of deals in progress, it's easy to forget about a deal or a planned call.

Special counters will remind you about deals with overdue activities or without any planned activities.

Automation rules

The sales process can be automated with triggers, robots, or business processes. These tools can move deals to other stages, send emails and SMS to customers, set tasks and reminders to employees.

Read more in the articles CRM Automation rules and CRM Triggers.

Access permission

You can configure access permission to certain actions, such as editing or deleting, to stages and directions.

Read more in the article Access Permissions in CRM.

Other deal features

In real time, you can assess which products are selling better, which employees are meeting the plan and which customers are bringing in more money.

Read more in the article - CRM Analytics.

Deals can be converted into quotes or invoices.

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