Recurring deals

In CRM, you can work with regular or recurring deals. Regular deals are created automatically. You only need to specify the recurrence period.

Check if recurring deals are available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

When adding a new deal, scroll down to the Repeat section. Select the time you want this deal to be repeated.

  • Regularly - you can set up any number of repetitions.

  • Only once - another deal will be created. There will be no more repeats.

If you want to repeat a deal Only once, specify when do you want to repeat it.

If you want to repeat a deal Regularly, specify the repeat interval. It is suitable for those companies that work with subscriptions for services or goods. CRM will create the deal as many times as needed.

Specify the Date started value for new deal and Date closed value for new deal and the number of iterations.

Save changes, and the recurring deal will be created.

You can view the recurring deal templates list by clicking the settings icon - Recurring deal templates.

In brief:

  • Regular deals are created automatically.

  • They can be repeated any number of times or once.

  • You can find all recurring deals in the settings menu.
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