Merge deals

Check if this option is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Sometimes you may find yourself in the situation when you need to merge several deals. For example, a client had sent you an email about buying a shirt and then called you to tell you some additional information about color. As a result, you have two deals that relate to the same client and product.

Merging deals won't be available if you don't have access permissions to update and delete records.

Read more in the article: Access Permissions in CRM.

To merge deals, click CRM - Deals - List.

Check the box next to the deals you want to merge and select the Merge option in the actions menu.

Before merging deals, you need to select a deal that will be used as a basic one.

One field may have different values when merging deals. Select the one that you want to be added to the merge result. The result is shown on the left.

When you are ready, click the Merge button and deals will be merged.

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