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Create a deal

Deal is the final stage of work with the customer. There are several ways how you can quickly create a deal in Bitrix24.

Web version
Mobile app
You need to configure access permissions for employees to add new deals. Read more information in the article: Access Permissions in CRM.

You can add a new deal in the CRM section. Open the Deals tab and click the Create button.

You can create a quick deal in the desired stage in the Kanban and Activities views. Click on the + button.

A deal can be created based on a lead.

Select one of the options in the upper right corner.

Read more information in the article: Create CRM entities from source.

To create a deal from a contact or a company form, open the entity form, go to the Deals tab, and click Deal. Then select a pipeline.

Read more information in the article: Multiple pipelines.

To add a deal based on an estimate, open the actions menu in the Estimates tab and select Generate option - Deal.

Deals can also be added from the CRM form, online store and imported.

Creation form

Enter the deal and select a contact or a company in the About deal section.

Read more information in the article: Client field in CRM entity form.

Specify the type and the source of the deal in the More section, select the responsible person, and leave a comment, if required.

Read more information in the article: Statuses and dropdowns.

Select a product or a service that the customer has selected in the Products section. If a customer makes the same purchase once a month, you can make the deal regular. Save the deal form.

Read more information in the article: Recurring deals.

To create a deal, open the Bitrix24 mobile app, click the Menu button, select the CRM section and click the + button.

Click Deal to open the deal creation form. Specify the deal name and select a contact or a company in the Customer field. You can also add a product.

You can create a deal from a lead and a quote.

Open the entity form and click the + button. Then select the Create from source option - Deal.

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