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Multiple connections between companies & contacts

Contacts, companies, deals and quotes are tightly connected to each other within the sales cycle. As you know Bitrix24 allows you to convert a lead into contact+company+deal at the same time. Conversely, it may be that the same contact is affiliated to several companies or one company is represented by several contacts. In the last case a deal can be made with several contacts connected to the same company. Let’s see how multiple connections can be set in Bitrix24 CRM:

Contact to Multiple Companies connection

Open a contact form and find Company field inside About Contact block:

Here you'll find all companies associated with this contact.

You can always add more companies to the contact - either create a new company or select one of the existing companies (created before). If you choose to create a new company - a new company form will be automatically opened – fill it and save the form. It is important to know that you can select multiple companies for the same contact.

You will find all connected companies in the Company field in About Contact section.

Company to multiple contacts connection

This connection works similarly to the scenario described above (Contact to Multiple Companies connection). On the contrary, you will find the contact connection at each company’s form:

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