Link deals, contacts and companies

How are deals, contacts, and companies related?

There is a standard operating scenario: one contact is linked to one company and one deal. You can use this option when converting a lead. Select the Deal + Contact + Company mode. This way three CRM entities will be automatically linked to each other.

However, this is not the only scenario for working in CRM. For example, one person can work in several companies. In the contact form, we will see a link to all the companies where the client works.

Also, there are usually several people working in the company, and you can cooperate with several representatives of the company at the same time. In this case, all employees will be listed in the company form, and the deal will include several contacts at once.

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In the contact form, there is a Company field.

In this field, you can select a company from the list or create a new one.

There can be more than one company in a contact. Click Add participant to add another company.

In the form of these companies, the Contact field will be filled in automatically.

When you link several contacts to the same company, everything works the same way.

Linking contacts and companies to deals

A deal can include multiple contacts, but only one company. If you link a deal to a company, all of that company's contacts will automatically be included in the deal form.

If you don't need all the contacts in the deal, click on the cross and delete the unnecessary contacts. If you select the same company in another deal, only the contact you left last time will be included.

You can also customize the Client field. Click the gear icon.

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