Convert leads

Lead conversion is the process of creating a contact, a company or a deal from the lead.

How to convert a lead

There are 3 ways to convert a lead:

  • Manual conversion is the basic script for completing a lead. When it has gone through all the kanban stages, move it to the final successful stage and choose which entities you want to create from the lead.

In the lead form, you will see which entities were created from it.

  • Automatic conversion is the conversion of a lead to other entities without the participation of employees.

    The most popular scenarios are using the Create using source automation rule and the Simple CRM mode (without leads).

    In the first case, other entities will be created on the basis of the leads at a certain kanban stage.

    And in the second case, all the leads that are in work are automatically converted into deals, contacts or companies, and this will happen with all new leads regardless of how they are created.

Read more in the article - CRM modes.

Converting leads features

  • If you have created custom fields in leads, then at the time of conversion you will be able to choose in which entities to create similar fields and where to transfer the information.
  • You won't be able to convert a lead into an item that you don't have permission to create. In this situation you will see the Access Denied message and won't be able to finish the conversion.
  • Read more in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.
  • If there is a required field in the entity you create based on the lead, you will need to fill it in before completing the conversion.
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