Create a quote

A quote is an element of the CRM with information about the company, products and services, as well as an offer of cooperation. This is the next stage of work with the client after the deal creation.

You can create a quote as a document from the entity form.

Check if this option is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Add a quote

The main way is from the deal form.

In this case, products, contacts and companies linked to the deal will be transferred to the invoice.

You can also create a quote from the appropriate CRM section or from a company and contact form.

We recommend creating quotes exactly on the basis of the deal. In this case, you will see the full history of work with the client in the deal form.

Quote features

Quotes have two views: Kanban and List. They are similar to the views of deals and leads.

Visually, quotes are similar to leads and deals. On the left side, there are fields with information about the quote. On the right side, there is a timeline.

At the top of the form, there are two buttons: Document and Actions. Сlicking on them, you can create and send a quote to the client.

  • The Document button opens the list of documents that you can create based on the quote.
  • Read more in the article Documents templates.
  • The Actions button performs the selected action with the document.
  • Read more in the article Payment systems.
We recommend using Documents. It is more convenient and functional.

You can automate your work with quotes using automation rules and triggers.

Automation rules can generate documents according to specified templates, send emails to customers, remind employees of events, or launch business processes.

Triggers can move invoices to the next stage when a customer reads an email or opens a document.

Read more in the articles CRM Automation rules and CRM Triggers.

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