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How to create a quote


Create a quote to let your client know about the potential deal amount.

How to create a quote

You can create a quote using the same methods as for creating an invoice.

Read more about creating an invoice in the article - How to create an invoice.

How to fill a new quote form

A new quote form is divided into blocks:

  • Quote information

    Here you need to add general information - name, status, payment deadline and responsible person.

    Enabling Available to everyone option gives access to the quote for all users with the same CRM role as the responsible person has.
  • Client information

    You need to specify a client in this block. You can select existing contact/company or create a new one.

    After that, you can view brief information about the selected client.

  • Products on quote

    Select products and configure discounts and taxes in this block.

Actions with the quote

So you have successfully created a new invoice. What's next?

  • You can print the quote and send it to the client by mail
  • Print plain quote (without signatures and stamp)
  • Download the quote as PDF file
  • Download plain PDF file (without signatures and stamp)
  • Send the quote to the client by e-mail

Also, you can click the arrow next to "Edit" button to generate a deal or an invoice for this quote.

This option is available to CRM+, Standard and Professional plans subscribers only.

Select the desired option in the drop-down menu.

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