Kanban View In Bitrix24 CRM

Kanban view is a workflow visualization tool.

How it works

Kanban view can be used for all CRM elements that have statuses (stages) - leads, deals, invoices and quotes.

For example, let's try to use Kanban view for deals.

Click CRM > Deals > Kanban.

Here you can see all deals and their statuses. Red counters show how many deals require your attention.

You can get to the Contact Center or import data in one click.

Read more about Contact Center in the article - Contact Center. In the other article, you can learn how to Import data to Bitrix24 CRM.

Quick Deal

You can easily create a new deal by clicking Quick Deal.

Fill in the fields and the new deal is created.

Work with Kanban

You can schedule Call, Visit, Meeting or Task without opening a deal form.

Or make a phone call, send a message or an email to a client. If one of the buttons is not active (grey), there is no such contact information added for this contact or company.

Group actions

You can perform group actions using Kanban view. Just click deals cards and select an action.

Move deals between stages

Move deals between stages easily by using drag & drop. The final Close Deal stages (Lost or Won) are hidden by default. Drag & drop deal card to the bottom to close or delete this deal.

Under deals stage name you can find the total amount of deal opportunity (how much these deals can bring if closed won). When you move a deal to the other stage, this amount is automatically recalculated.

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