Kanban view in CRM

Kanban view is a workflow visualization tool. It is especially useful for companies in which managers work with a large number of deals.

Using kanban, an employee always knows which clients to contact, make a delivery, or send an invoice.

How it works

Kanban view can be used for all CRM elements that have statuses (stages) - leads, deals, invoices and quotes.

For example, let's try to use Kanban view for deals.

Click CRM > Deals > Kanban.

Here you can see all deals and their statuses. Red counters show how many deals require your attention.

You can get to the Contact Center or import data in one click.

Read more about Contact Center in the article - Contact Center. In the other article, you can learn how to Import data to Bitrix24 CRM.
How to set up stages

Hover the mouse over a stage and click the pencil.

In edit mode, you can change the name and color, delete a stage, or move it.

To create a stage, hover your mouse over any stage and click on the "+" sign.

How to move deals to other stages

The deal can be moved to any of the stages. Drag the deal to the appropriate stage.

How to display only the required fields

You can choose which fields will be displayed in the kanban card. Go to Settings > Kanban settings > Configure view form fields

Select the desired fields and save the changes.

The fields you have selected will appear in the card.

How to configure the filter

Click the search bar, and then click Add Field. Select the fields you want.

Tick fields you need.

Select the desired field values and click Search.

Only those deals that fit the selected conditions will remain in the kanban.

How to track and plan activities

Each card in Kanban has Activities button.

Click this button to know if you plan any activities connected with this deal.

You can schedule activities connected with the deal. Click Schedule, select the type of activity and specify the details, such as the time and subject of the call.

Click the Activities button again to see the scheduled one.

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