Group actions in CRM

Sometimes you need to convert five leads at once or delete all deals.

Use group actions in CRM to apply an action to several CRM elements.

How it works

Group actions can be applied to any CRM elements when using the List view. Tick elements and select an action that you want to apply to them.

Enable For all option to apply an action to all items including those existing on other pages.

Note! Changing a lot of items puts a heavy load on the database. So we display a maximum of 100 values in the list. Despite the fact that changes can be applied to all items at once, it will not be possible to edit more than 200-300 elements at a time.

Here's a list of available actions:

Create campaign

Use this option to create a CRM marketing campaign for selected CRM elements. Specify what kind of a marketing campaign you want to create - SMS, email or voice broadcasting.
Read more in the article - CRM Marketing Overview.

Add to segment

This option allows adding the selected elements to an existing segment or creating a new one. Then you can use this segment when starting a CRM marketing campaign.
Read more in the article - Create a new Segment.

New task

If you select the New task action, a new task creation window will be opened. Selected CRM elements will be bound to the task automatically.

Also, Bitrix24 will automatically create an activity. The person responsible for the task and activity is the same user.

Read more in the article - Create a task.

Set status

This action changes the status of all selected elements.
Read more in the article - Statuses and dropdowns (selection lists).

Assign responsible person

The action assigns a selected user as a person responsible for the selected CRM elements. This option also comes in handy if you have problems with accessing some CRM elements when your company's structure has been changed.
Read more in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.


Select this action if you want to convert leads to contacts, companies or deals.
Read more in the article - Convert leads (generate new CRM records).

Create call list

This action creates a call list. A new activity will be created.
Read more in the article - Automatic Dialer.

You can also start calling straight away by clicking the Start dialing button.


The action deletes the selected elements.
Deleted elements are not added to analytical reports, so be careful when deleting elements. For example, delete only those elements that were created by mistake.


Use this action to quickly edit several elements.

Make public

This action changes the Available to everyone field value.

This field affects the access permissions to an element.

Read more in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.

Update report data

This action updates the report data about the selected elements.

Move to pipeline (deals only)

This action moves the selected deals to the other pipeline.
Read more in the article - Pipelines.

Include in export (contacts only)

Select Yes to make the selected contacts available for export.
Read more in the article - Export CRM data.
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