Daily Plan

In the Workday panel you can not only record the working hours, but also make a list of tasks for the day.

Open the Daily Plan tab. If a task has already been set, select it from the list.

If it is a new task, enter it and click the "+" button on the right.

The task will appear in the list.

When you finish a task, check the box and it will be crossed off the list.

You can also start time tracker.

The time counting will be displayed in the form.

If you want to pause or end the task, click the pause button or the flag icon to stop the timer.

The bar next to the time shows the number of uncompleted tasks.


If you have events or meetings scheduled for that day, add them to Events.

Check the out of office box and the event will be marked in your calendar with Unavailable status.

Click on the event or the task in the list and a full form for editing will be opened.

Daily Summary

Fill out daily reports to have all information gathered at the end of the week.

Read more in the article Work Reports.

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