Additional features in Bitrix24 mobile app

In addition to the basic tools of Bitrix24, there are additional features in the mobile application. Let's take a look at them in the Menu tab.

Working day

You can start, pause, or end your work day in the Working time management section.

This option also allows you to write a daily report and change the working day duration.


Connect telephony and make calls from the mobile app in the Call section. All conversations will be automatically recorded in CRM.

Read more in the article: Rent a number in Bitrix24.


Stress level – measure your stress level by the Welltory app. Find out how stress and workload affect your health.

Calendar – this section displays all of your upcoming events.

Employees – you can use the search to quickly find an employee of a company, write a message or view contact information. You can also add a new user by sending a link or SMS with an invitation.

Shared Drive – you can work with shared drive files and add new ones from your mobile device.

Knowledge bases – find and study information from the knowledge base in the Bitrix24 mobile app.


In this section, you can see all Intranet and Extranet groups of your Bitrix24. You can set tasks and write messages to group members.

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