Simple product variants

Previously, when you created an item without variants, it was added to the catalog as a simple item with no properties. While editing such products, you might have problems with creating new variants, for example, color or size.

Now we have fixed this problem and you can add or remove product variants at any time. You can also add new properties: color, size, etc.

How to edit old products

If there are products without variants in the catalog, you can't add new properties to them. But you can create a new product or copy an existing one.

Before you copy an item, delete its mnemonic code, otherwise an error will occur and you will not be able to copy it.

For example, there are T-shirts without variants in the catalog and you want to add new colors and sizes to this product. To do this, open the product form and click the Add variant button.

You will be prompted to create a new product or copy an existing one. Click the Copy product button. 

In the slider, you can quickly edit an old product and add the necessary variants.

After that you will have a product with variants. You can deactivate or deleted an old product, so that employees were not confused when working with deals and documents.

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