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Branch network operation

Three conditions are important for the operation of the Bitrix24 branch network:

  • The Bitrix24 head account should have an active Enterprise plan.

  • Connected branches should have a commercial plan.

  • The head account and branches should be in the same domain zone.

Let's consider the peculiarities of the Bitrix24 branch network.

Free plan at branches

If you join a branch with a free plan, it will be swiched to a test plan for 15 days.

If this Bitrix24 account has already been used for a test mode, but it was not previously connected to the branch network, then the test mode will be enabled again. If such a Bitrix24 account was previously connected to a branch network, you need to switch it to any commercial plan first.

Switching the branch to a free plan

If any branch switches from a commercial plan to a free one, such a branch is disconnected from the branch network. In the widget, such an account is highlighted with a red background.

Then you need to switch to any commercial plan or disconnect Bitrix24 from the branch network within 15 days, otherwise Plan compatibility check will block this account. To unlock it, you will need to either switch to a commercial plan or disconnect this branch from the network.

After switching to a commercial plan, Bitrix24 branch returns to the list of connected accounts in the widget.

Plan change in the head account

If the head account switches from Enterprise plan to a free one, the branch network will be disabled. The widget will be hidden at all Bitrix24 branches. To resume the branch network, you will need to upgrade it to the Enterprise plan.

If you do not pay within 15 days, then Plan compatibility check will block the head account.

Also, you can not change the plan of the head Bitrix24 while the branch network is connected. To change the Enterprise plan to another one you need to disconnect all branches.

Several Enterprise plans

There can be only one head account in the network, the rest accounts are branches.

If you connect another Bitrix24 with the Enterprise plan, it becomes a branch.

Switching branches

If you need to change the head account to another one from the same branch network, you should first disconnect all branches and then connect them to the new head account.

Each branch can only be in one network. If you want to change the network to another one, you should first disconnect the branch from the current network and then connect it to the new one.

Work in branches

Despite the fact that branches are connected into a single structure, each branch is a separate Bitrix24 accounts, with a separate company structure and employees, with separate tools: CRM, feed, tasks, chats, integrations, etc. It allows you to configure the work of each branch separately.

Employees and administrators work in their branch and do not see information about other branches and the head company, unless they are present in the structure of other branches or the head account.

If you need to make sure that the company accountant has access to all branches, then invite him/her to each branch.

Disconnect branches

To disable a branch, the administrator needs to select the Disconnect option in the action menu in the Bitrix24 widget.

Disconnect branch

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