Disabling mailboxes when downgrading plan

In Bitrix24, the number of connected mailboxes depends on the pricing plan.

If you switch to a plan with a smaller number of connected mailboxes per employee, the last connected mailboxes will be automatically disabled.

All mails from the disabled mailboxes will stop coming to Bitrix24, respectively, the CRM integration will be disabled: no more activities, leads or deals, CRM contacts will be created from the mails.

If this happens, you can disable the unused mailboxes and reconnect the necessary mailbox.

Go to the CRM section - Add-ons - Webmail.


The left menu shows all mailboxes connected to your Bitrix24.

Connected mailboxes

To disable an unused mailbox, go to its settings.

Mailbox settings

Click the Disable button.

Disable mailbox

To connect a new mailbox, open the left menu and select Connect new.

Connect new

Synchronization folders, integration with CRM, employee accesses to the mailbox - all this will be needed to be re-configured, since the mailbox is connected as a new one, even if it was configured earlier and disabled automatically due to changes in your Bitrix24 plan.

Read more information in the article: Mailbox integration.

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