Access permissions to import and export products

In Bitrix24, you can import and export products from an Excel file or using Instagram. Enable The Start product import or Start product export access permissions for the responsible employees in the settings.

How the Import products access permission works

Enable the access permission to allow an employee to upload a list of new products to the catalog, as well as to transfer data on products from other systems. Once enabled, imported products will appear in the Product catalog section.

Read more information in the article: Product import.

In Bitrix24 On-Premise version, it is also possible to set import settings and parameters. There is a Manage import of products access permission. You can give it to a responsible employee.

How the Export products access permission works

Enable the access permission to export products as a file with all properties and prices. Once enabled, the export will appear in the Product Catalog section.

The "Start product export" and "Manage product export" access permissions work similarly. The "Manage product export" access permission is only available in the Bitrix24 On-Premise version.

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