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Contact information form in Live Chat

Contact information forms can be beneficial in identifying customers during a conversation with them in the live chat.

Set up the form to welcome your clients automatically in the chat and save their contact information in CRM.

This feature is only supported in the Live Chat channel. While communicating in other Open Channels, you can select a CRM form manually to send it to the chat. For more information, read these articles:

Enable a contact information form in Live Chat

Navigate to the Open Channel settings to activate the contact information form. Under the Auto Actions tab, check the box next to Use CRM form to ask for contact information in the live chat.

There is a preset CRM form Contact information form for use with open channels that is compatible with the functionality of the welcome form. Go to CRM > Add-ons > CRM forms to find it.

The preset form includes the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • E-mail

You can configure its set of fields or create a new CRM form.

Learn how to create a CRM form in the article - Add a CRM form.

Select the needed CRM form from the drop-down list.

Then configure the additional options:

  • Before conversation - the customer cannot write to the chat until they fill out the form.

  • Wait for customer's first message - once the customer writes the first message in the chat, the CRM form is sent.

After the client completes the form, the data will be saved to CRM. By default, the employee specified in the CRM form settings becomes responsible for this client in CRM. If you want the user who accepted the customer chat to be a responsible person, check the box next to Make the accepting agent a responsible person.

How it works

If the Wait for customer's first message option is enabled, the form will appear immediately after the customer's first message.

If the Before conversation option is enabled, the form appears as soon as the customer starts a conversation.

All customer's contact information entered in the form will be displayed in the chat. Here you can also access the created CRM entities.

Bitrix24 widget allows you to take additional data from external systems. For example, you can send customer contact information from the billing system to the widget.

If the customer's name or name + email were given to the widget, then the auto show of the CRM form will be disabled, even if the option Use CRM form to ask for contact information in the live chat is enabled.

Learn more about advanced settings of the website widget.
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