Tasks in projects in Bitrix24 Mobile app

In the Bitrix24 Mobile app, you can work with tasks linked to different workgroups and projects.

Just tap on the project or workgroup icon to show the tasks in the project or workgroup.

Before using this feature, we recommend adding the project icon. You can do that when creating or editing the workgroup or project. Read more in the article - Workgroups and projects.

Next, you can further sort and filter tasks in the project.

Tap the three dots button in the top right corner to access the filter options. Here all the classic roles are available: Ongoing, Assisting, Set by me, Following. Select the needed role to show tasks that have new comments, are overdue or pending review.

By default, tasks are sorted by activity. Tasks that require your attention are shown at the top of the list. You can also sort them by the deadline for all roles.

Select the needed role and tap Sort by deadline.

Read more about working with tasks and managing projects in Bitrix24 Mobile app.
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