Daily plan

Manage your working time - organize your daily schedule in Bitrix24. Create meetings and tasks, make to-do lists and solve current issues promptly.

Daily plan

Click on the work time panel.

To choose the task, click Select from list in the Today's task tab.

You can also create a new task. Enter its name in the special field and click the + button.

The task will appear in the list. Click on it and you will be able to view it in more detail and make the necessary changes, for example, add a description or change a responsible person.

Read more information in the article: Create a task.

You can also use the work day panel to start time tracker or remove the task from the list.

If you have selected a task from the list and the time tracking mode is not enabled, the Start time tracker option will not be displayed.

After that, a timer will start counting the time spent on the task. You can always pause a task or finish it. Click on the check mark icon to finish.

The flag icon next to the time shows the number of uncompleted tasks.

You can also plan an event. Enter an event title and click on the + button.

Check the out of office box to add an event to your calendar and to the Absence Chart.

Click on the event to open the full form.

Read more information in the article: Add event to calendar.

Daily summary

Fill in the work report not to forget about tasks that you have completed.

All the information from the daily reports is automatically gathered to the weekly report.

Read more information in the article: Work reports.
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