Lead capture form for your website

New clients visiting your website can now be automatically saved to your Bitrix24 CRM via our website widget. Now our online chat for your website has auto pop-up name, email & phone window.  

The option is automated, no actions needed at your end. 

First, when your client visits your website - he\she sees the widget this way:

Remember that you can customize the introduction message inside your widget settings.

When the client clicks on the widget icon, 3 options are unrolled: online chat, call back form & CRM web form. All of them can be configured under CRM > Website widget. 

Online chat form first opens with a default welcome message. 

The online chat welcome message (text & layout) cannot be customized at the moment.

Below your clients will find the form where they can submit their request. 

After the message is sent the lead (client) capture form will pop up, asking the user to introduce him- or herself:

When the website visitor will start typing the name, 2 additional fields - phone & email will pop up:

This lead capture form works both for the widgets embedded on your website & on widget public pages:

The form you clients have filled will automatically appear inside your Bitrix24 CRM Open Channels.

A new lead will be automatically created for a new client. For existing clients - chat conversations will be bound to the identified CRM record.

Language preferences

You can select the language that will be used in the e-mail messages sent when your customer receives a message log requested or a new message notification in Open Channel Settings section.

"Receive conversation via email" option is temporarily deactivated

Unfortunately, due to many spam reports, we've had to temporarily disable the "Receive conversation via email" option in the open channels settings. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Read more in the article - "Receive conversation via email" option is temporarily deactivated.
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