CRM form in Open Channel chat

While communicating with a customer, you can send any active CRM form to the Open Channel chat.

Click the Open CRM form list button. You can select any active CRM form. If you have a large number of CRM forms in Bitrix24, use the search.

The list shows all active CRM forms. Recently selected forms come first, and then all other forms come by decreasing an ID number.

The selected form will be displayed in the chat.

If the form is sent to Live Chat, the customer will open a CRM form in the chat.

In other Open Channels, a short link is sent to the customer. The customer will click on the link and fill out the form.

If there is no link to CRM in the Open Channel chat, then new CRM elements will be created: a lead, a contact, a deal and a contact,a quote and a contact. This is dspecified in the form settings. If you switch the CRM mode, the form settings will not be changed.

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