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Call transcription


Call transcription is a paid add-on service. Funds will debited from your telephony account after each call. Please refer to this page to view transcription price list.
Please note that Call Transcription option is a part of Advanced Telephony, available for Bitrix24 Plus, Standard or Professional plan subscribers.

How does it work

After you have configured Call Transcription, you will be able to find all inbound & outbound calls under Balance & Statistics > Itemized Bill both will Call Recording file (mp3 file that you can either play or download) & transcription text icon. 

Please note:
  • It can take from 20 to 80 seconds for the system to transcribe a call to text, depending on the call length.
  • Call transcription will be applied for new calls only, not for old ones.
  • Call transcription is applied to all new calls, there is no option to apply it for selected phone conversations.
Call transcription text is searchable! You can find important information by keywords. 
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