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Number of administrators for my Bitrix24

As you know, Bitrix24 account creator is granted administrative access to the account by default. Further, account creator can add more administrators if so allowed by subscription plan.
The number of administrators that you can have inside one Bitrix24 account depends on your plan:
  • Free plan - 1 administrator
  • Bitrix24.Plus - 2 administrators
  • Standard - 5 administrators
  • Professional - 10 administrators
To get more administrators for your account, please upgrade. Bitrix24 Professional plan is limited to 10 users with administrative rights. If you need more administrators we recommend to consider Bitrix24 on premise version.

If don't plan to upgrade, you can take admin rights from one user & give it to another user (for accounts with number of admins more than 1). For that, open user Profile page > Edit > disable or enable option User has administrative access to the account.

If you have activated free 30 days trial of Bitrix24 Professional plan, you will have 10 administrators spots available for the time of trial duration. 

In case you stop paying for the commercial subscription or downgrade for lower plan, your Bitrix24 account will be limited to the number of administrators allowed by the current plan. Please note that in case you decide to come back to the initial upper plan (in case you've downgraded) - the admin rights won't be granted back automatically, you will need to give them back to users manually. 

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