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You can rent phone numbers in more than 50 countries.

To rent a phone number, your Telephony Credits balance should have sufficient funds (learn how to purchase Telephony credits). Phone numbers are rented for one month; the rental service is renewed for another month automatically - unless you discontinue phone rental services for each phone number inside your account (please read below).

Phone numbers can be rented only by users having admin level access permissions.

To rent a phone number, log in to your Bitrix24 account, then proceed to: Telephony > Connection - after that, please choose a country and city and press the Rent button, and the system will automatically activate a number for incoming calls to come directly to your Intranet.

Please note that for some regions you will need to upload verification documentation to rent a phone number (those may include: a proof of address, a copy of your bank statement, utility bill, passport, driver's license, etc.). 

You can always disconnect your rented number(s) inside your Cloud account, here: Telephony > Connection.

Learn more about how to discontinue phone rental services

Telephony services are provided by VOXIMPLANT, a Zingaya, Inc. company. Telephony credits are non-refundable, non-transferable. Calling rates for outbound calls and prices for phone number rental services can be changed without prior notice.

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