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When you sell services, you need to take into account staff workload, availability of resources, etc.

You can Book a resource in Bitrix24 CRM and develop your business easily!

How it works

Add Book a Resource field to a new lead or deal form.

Specify resources and services you provide.

Select employee, resource, service and date when creating a new lead or deal. Planner will show your staff and resources availability.

Book a resource field settings

Let's take a music school as an example.

Create a new lead and add Book a Resource field.

Fill in Field name - Music lessons.

Then you need to decide what your clients will book: resources, users or both. In our case they book classrooms and teachers, so we should select resources and users.

Add resources - 3 classrooms.

Select employees.

Selected employees' workload will be displayed in the planner. If you didn't select any employees when adding Book a Resource field, you should specify an employee when creating a new lead. The chosen employee's workload will be shown in the planner.

Date only - this option is useful when there is no need to specify time. For example, rent a car for the whole day.

Add services and duration - use this feature to list your services and to show how long it takes to provide the service. Let's add guitar, drums and singing lessons. Specify the duration of each service and it'll be displayed in the planner automatically.

Adding services is not mandatory, but you'll need to specify the booking duration manually.

Book a resource

Now for each new lead you can select a date, time, service, teacher and classroom.

You can also use the planner to select time and resources.

Calendar view for leads and deals

You can see all the bookings using Calendar view for leads and deals.

Read more about Calendar view for leads and deals.
The number of the available resources depends on your plan:
  • Free - 6
  • Plus - 12
  • Standard - 24
  • Professional - Unlimited
  • CRM+ - Unlimited
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