Catalog settings

To configure catalog settings, click Settings > Catalog settings.

Catalog settings

First of all, select the product category to be displayed on the page in Catalog folder field.

Read more about adding product categories in the article - Add products to commercial catalog.

Product and view

  • Unavailable products - how to display unavailable products (quantity equals zero).
  • Product with SKU's is considered as "available" if one of SKU's is available.
  • Unavailable SKU's - how to display unavailable SKU's.
  • Notification - here you can enable back-in-stock notifications.
  • Quantity - activate this option and your clients will be able to specify product quantity they want to buy. Otherwise, they will have to buy product only by the piece.
  • Product comparison - activate this option to enable product comparison.

Price and discount

  • Price type - specify the price type that will be displayed in the catalog.
    If nothing is selected in this section, Buy button will not be available.
  • Show quantity range prices - activate this option to show all price types.
  • Show price for quantity - here you can specify the quantity for which the price is displayed.
  • Tax rate - specify if the VAT is included to the price.
  • Old price - activate this option to show the previous price.
  • Discount percent - enable this option to show discount value in the catalog.


  • Send data - enable this option to submit e-commerce data to Google.
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