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Connect Bitrix24 Drive as a network drive in Windows

To work with your drive files on your computer, you can connect Bitrix24 Drive as a network drive. Files will be synced automatically.

If you connect Bitrix24 Drive as a network drive, business processes will work normally.
There are several ways you can connect Bitrix24 Drive. All these methods require Windows Vista or later.

Network drive

In the Drive section, click the cogwheel button and select Network Drive.

Copy the code from the field.

Call the cmd of your operating system and paste the copied command. Then enter your Bitrix24 password and press Enter.

Symbols won't be displayed while entering your password - that's normal.

Now, Bitrix24 Drive is connected as a network drive. When opening it, the system may require your Bitrix24 login and password.

Important! If a network drive name such as O is already in use, change the letter in the copied command. For example, net use O should be changed to net use Q.

The drive space in Windows is determined by the operating system and does not depend on the free space on your Bitrix24 account.

Network drive (via explorer)

Right-click Network > click Map network drive.

Paste the copied code to the Folder field.

If you want this folder (or drive) to be connected every time you log in to the system, activate Reconnect at logon option.

If you want to connect under the currently inactive account, activate Connect using different credentials option. Then you'll need to enter the account credentials.

Click Finish.

Connect folder via Add Network Location Wizard

When connecting via explorer, click Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures. Then the Add Network Location Wizard will be launched.

Specify where to create a network location.

Paste drive or folder address.

Type a name for this folder.

Click Next > Finish and the folder will be connected.

Disconnect drive or folder

To disconnect a network drive, right-click on this drive and click Disconnect.

To disconnect a folder, right-click on it and click Delete.

When two-step authentication is enabled, application passwords must be used. Read more in the article Two-step authentication.
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