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Customize phrases used in the website widget


You can customize phrases used in the Bitrix24 Website Widget.

Use JavaScript code to do that:

window.addEventListener('onBitrixLiveChat', function(event)
	var widget = event.detail.widget;

		type: BX.LiveChatWidget.SubscriptionType.configLoaded,
		callback: function() 
			widget.addLocalize({VARIABLE: 'New Text'});				

For example, you can customize these variable phrases:

BX_LIVECHAT_ONLINE_LINE_1 – "We are online"
BX_LIVECHAT_ONLINE_LINE_2 – "and ready to help!"
BX_LIVECHAT_ERROR_TITLE – "Unfortunately we could not load live chat :("
BX_LIVECHAT_ERROR_DESC – "Please use some other communication tool or try again later."
BX_LIVECHAT_OFFLINE – "One of our representatives will get back to you shortly!"
BX_LIVECHAT_VOTE_BUTTON – "Rate our service"
The full list of variable phrases can be invoked by entering the following command to the browser's Developers Tools console:

You can add new phrases to the code as a string or as an array:

window.addEventListener('onBitrixLiveChat', function(event)
	var widget = event.detail.widget;

	widget.subscribe({type: BX.LiveChatWidget.SubscriptionType.configLoaded,
		callback: function(){widget.addLocalize({BX_LIVECHAT_LOADING: 'Wait, Live Chat is loading'});
			widget.addLocalize({BX_LIVECHAT_ERROR_TITLE: 'Oops, something went wrong'});				
			widget.addLocalize({BX_LIVECHAT_VOTE_BUTTON: 'Give us a score!',
				BX_LIVECHAT_OFFLINE: 'Sorry, our agents are sleeping',
				BX_LIVECHAT_ONLINE_LINE_1: 'Our team',
				BX_LIVECHAT_ONLINE_LINE_2: 'is ready to help you',					
				BX_LIVECHAT_ERROR_DESC: 'Chat is down for repairs',

How to insert a code

In the Sites section, select a website. Then you need to add a new block.

Scroll down > click Other > HTML code.

Click Edit.

Paste the code > click Save > Publish.

Done! Phrases used in the website widget have been successfully customized!

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