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File conversion failed

When you try to open a file on your Bitrix24.Drive, a conversion error may occur.

This may happen due to different reasons:

  • Conversion server is not available, as there is no connection. Please, check your connection.

  • The license key is not active. If you use a Bitrix24 On-Premise edition, please make sure that your license key is active.

  • You're trying to convert too many files at the same time. Please, wait for 5 minutes and try again.

  • You're trying to convert a file that is too large. Please, make sure that the file size doesn't exceed 40Mb (or if it's video file - 3Gb).

  • Conversion timeout. This may happen if the file size exceeds limits, has a too complicated structure or you have an unstable connection.

  • The file doesn't open at all. Try to open it on your local computer. If it doesn't open, this file cannot be converted.

How to fix it?

  • Check your network connection.

  • Make sure that the file size doesn't exceed 40Mb (or if it's video file - 3Gb).

  • Try to open this file with LibreOffice. If it opens, wait for 5-7 minutes and try to convert the file again.

  • If none of that works, please contact support and attach the file that you cannot convert.
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