Numbers settings

After you've connected phone numbers to Bitrix24, you need to configure them.

Click CRM > Add-ons > Telephony > Configure numbers and select the number in the list.

Else, you can click the Configure button in My numbers section to open the list of all the connected numbers.

Then you can configure the selected phone number or PBX.

Connection parameters

Specify the required parameters in this section to make calls using your Bitrix24 SIP.

This option is available only for SIP PBX connection (office or cloud hosted).

Inbound call routing

*Handling of To: SIP header

Activate this option to forward an inbound call to an employee whose internal extension is listed in the To: SIP header of the INVITE query.

Specify an extension number for an employee before activating this option.

This option is available only for SIP PBX connection (office or cloud hosted).

Play welcome music

Activate the Extension number processing option, and your clients will be able to call to the particular employee if he/she knows the employee's extension number.

Also, you can configure how calls are processed if Bitrix24 user does not answer :

  • Continue call processing - calls will be processed according to the current inbound calls routing settings.
  • Forward to mobile - a call will be forwarded to the employee's mobile phone number.
    Don't forget to specify the employee's mobile number on his/her profile page. The number must be specified in international format.
  • Leave voicemail message - a client can leave a voicemail message.

    For the correct processing of the extension number in the number settings, the playback of the greeting (Hold music > Greeting) should be enabled.

    If the voice menu (IVR) is enabled, the extension from the greeting melody is processed first, and then the voice menu is processed.

    Direct incoming call with an extension to a Bitrix24 employee is not supported. An extension can be entered only after the greeting melody or in the IVR menu.

    For a direct outgoing call, an extension number is separated from the main number by the following characters: ; or #.

Use voice menu

Activate this option to forward calls to an IVR menu. If you get a large volume of incoming calls, it may be helpful to have an IVR system filtering them for you and routing these calls to the desired destination.
Check if IVR option is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Send inbound call to a responsible person specified in the CRM if a contact is identified as known

If the responsible person doesn't answer the call within 30 seconds, you can select one of the actions: forward to queue group, forward to mobile or leave a voicemail message.

Route inbound call to queue group

Here you can select the existing queue group, edit the queue group, or create a new one. Add the employees you want to answer this number's inbound calls to the queue group.

You can read more about queue groups in the article - Queues.

Do not transfer calls to users who have not started their working day or are on break

Activate this option and calls will not be transferred to users who have not started their working day or are on break.
To use this option, you need to activate Time Management.

SIP PBX numbers

Get destination number from SIP headers

Enable this option to automatically detect your SIP PBX numbers and use them in Call Tracking.

Read more in the article - Call tracking: SIP PBX numbers.
This option is available only for SIP PBX connection (office or cloud hosted).

CRM integration

When you make an outgoing call or get an inbound call, Bitrix24 automatically checks if there is a contact, company or lead with the corresponding phone number and shows you the main information about the client (with active deals and activities).

CRM integration

If number is not registered with CRM, you can create a new CRM record manually in the call window, or Bitrix24 can create a new lead automatically. Also, if you don't want to collect certain contact's calls in CRM, just add this contact to the exceptions list.

Create lead for - here you can specify when to create a lead: when you make an outgoing call, get an incoming call or in both cases.

New lead source - you can specify what will be displayed as a lead source in CRM for this number.

This option is available to all the commercial plans subscribers. You can find more information in our pricing page.

Automatically change Bitrix24 user responsible for the lead when manually forwarding a call - activate this option and Bitrix24 user responsible for the lead will be automatically changed when forwarding a call to the other employee.

Recording and rating

Save recordings of all calls

Activate this option to save recordings of all calls to the Company Drive > Call Recordings folder. Also, you can listen to recorded calls in the Telephony > Call details section.

Make sure that use of this option does not violate company policy or the laws of your country or countries whose laws your company is obligated to follow. Also, activate Play "your call will be recorded" warning for inbound calls option to make your client know that the call is recorded.

Activate Transcribe call recording option to get a call transcription in text format.

Call transcription is a paid add-on service. Funds will be debited from your telephony account after each call. Please refer to this page to view transcription price list - Telephony Rates & Credits.

Assess quality of service

Activate this option to offer a customer a chance to assess the quality of service after they have ended a conversation. You can check assessments in the Call details section.
Check if quality assessment option is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Working hours

In this section, you can configure time settings for telephony.

Off hours call processing

Activate Phone hours option and specify your time zone, working hours, days off and holidays. Then you can configure Off hours call processing.

Read more about the off-hours call processing in the article - Time Settings for phone numbers.


Employees can select this number for outbound calls

Activate this option, and employees will be able to select the connection for outbound calls (rented number, cloud hosted or office PBX) right before making an outbound call. An employee needs to have appropriate access permissions to this connection.

You can specify a Prefix for calls via this number to make an outgoing call from this number by dialing the specified prefix on your phone.

Prefix selection tips

You can use combinations of symbols and numbers as prefixes. Use only those symbols that you have on the phone's dial pad. We don't recommend to use + in prefix as it may be recognized as a country code.

  • We recommend to use * or # in prefixes. For example, *123*, #123#, *123# or #123*.

    So to make an outbound call using the selected connetion, an employee needs to dial: *123*destination_phone_number (for example, *123*12125599676).

  • If you use a combination of numbers as a prefix, make sure that it's not a country code. For example, you can use: 801, 802, 803, etc.

    So to make an outbound call using the selected connection, an employee needs to dial: 802destination_phone_number (for example, 80212125599676).

Also, you can specify Employees allowed to make calls using this phone number in this section.

Redial missed callback

If an employee fails to reach the client, you can specify how many Redial attempts will be made and a Delay between attempts.

Enable backup phone number

Specify the number to which a call will be redirected if your Bitrix24 account is unavailable for any reason. A backup number specified in the telephony settings is used by default.

When a call is redirected to the backup phone number, you get charged according to the outgoing calls price list for the selected telephony connection option.

Use the phone number that is not connected to your Bitrix24 as a backup phone number.

Change forward-to number (only for PBX and applications)

By default, a call will be forwarded inside a current connection. You can select another available connection to forward a call.

This option is available only for SIP PBX connection (office or cloud hosted).

Hold music

Here you can select hold music language (English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish or Portuguese) or you can upload your own music or recordings.

If you want to upload your own music or recording, make sure the file meets these requirements: .mp3, doesn't exceed 2 Mb and mono.

Read more in the article - Customize hold music.

Disconnect number

Here you can disconnect the rented number by clicking the corresponding button.

No refund for the unused rental period of this number will be provided.

The administrator will get an email saying that this number will be disconnected in 24 hours and that the disconnected number can be connected again after 3 months period only.

If you have disconnected the number by mistake, you can connect it back within 24 hours (the link will be provided in the email).

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