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Where and how long are call recordings stored?

Where are call recordings stored

Calls recordings can be found in Bitrix24.Drive > Company Drive > Telephony – Recorded Calls.

Bitrix24 administrators can also find call recordings in Telephony > Call details section.

Please make sure that users have sufficient access to CRM (read) & Company Drive(read) to be able to play call recordings.

How long are call recordings stored on my Company Drive?

Call recordings are stored in your Bitrix24 until you decide to delete them manually. If you are Bitrix24 Free plan subscriber, make sure you have enough storage space to store new recordings.

Important: Bitrix24 Free and Project+ plan subscribers have access to the first 100 calls records per month only (calendar month, at the beginning of each month calls records counter is reset to zero), Start+ subscribers - to the first 500 calls records. To get the advanced Telephony option and access the unlimited number of calls records, please subscribe to CRM+, Standard or Professional plan. Learn more about Bitrix24 plans here - Cloud pricing.
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